Clash Royale Guides

A Very Beginner Guide to Playing Clash Royale for the very first time. From a greenhorn to a pro in an hour!

Melee Attackers Walk First, Followed by Ranged Attackers

Combo Examples:
Knight (In front), Archers (Behind)
Giant (In front), Archers (Behind)
Giant / Knight, Archers / Spear Goblins
Prince, Archers / Spear Goblins
Giant, Hog Rider, Spear Goblins / Mini P.E.K.K.A / Witch / Musketeer / Hunter / Baby Dragon

Place Melee Behind Buildings if you have to wait for the Elixir to fill up to place a Ranged card

While the Melee is walking towards the enemy’s base, you can place the ranged behind it

Air & Ground Attackers

Ensure that there are ranged attackers to attack enemies’ flying attackers such as Baby Dragons and Minions. If you place cards which are restricted to ground attackers only, you will see the enemies’ air attackers hovering over your ground attackers for a free kill. Once the opposite team realises that you do not have any ranged attackers, they will release lots of air attackers and your melee attackers will less likely to reach their buildings. It’s definitely a spell of disaster!

Take note of Melee Attackers that only attack buildings!

1. Giant:
- Slow
- Only attacks buildings! (This means that if you place it among the enemies’ troops, Giant will just walk past them without attacking until it reaches the enemies’ buildings)
- High hit-points (Does not die easily / Quite a tanker)

How To Counter Skeleton Army

Use Hunter!
Hunter attacks Air & Ground units too (Place a strong melee in front of it)

How To Counter Giant

With Flying units such as Baby Dragon or Minions

How To Counter Giant Skeleton

Place Witch to summon a troop of skeletons and place Spear Goblins behind. The skeletons summoned by the Witch will surround the Giant Skeleton and keep the rest of your troop away from it. It is essential to build a layer of defence around Giant Skeleton because it carries a bomb which will blow up when it dies. Your layer of summoned skeletons will protect your troops and the Spear Goblins have a fast movement speed, they will scoot off quickly when the Giant Skeleton dies and the bomb is less likely to hit them

Upgrading King’s Tower

Upgrade all the cards even if you do not use them in your Battle Deck

Creating a Clan

Save up enough coins and create a clan. Recruit clan members and you can request decks from within the clan. It makes the clan stronger as a whole. Join Battles to find rare, unique, epic or common decks

Tricks & Tactics

After taking down either one or two of the enemies’ buildings, wait for the enemies’ troops to cross the bridge. Then place Prince, Robot, Hog Rider, and other ranged cards to support your own melee troop in front. If you wish to do this strategy, wait for the Elixir to fill up and send multiple cards all at once. Do not send one by one!

After taking down either one or two of the enemies’ buildings, wait for the enemies’ troops to cross the bridge


  • Check out the section on “Daily Deals”
  • Press “Unlock Chest” as it takes quite so time to unlock, unless you want to “Open Now” with gems (Maybe waiting would be better so as to save the gems for other stuff later)
  • If you press the yellow “Battle” and you lose the match, you would lose a little of your trophies!
  • If you were to battle under the blue “Party”, you can collect chests and earn Crowns without losing your trophies
  • In the blue button, “Party”, you can see “2v2 Battle” and you can have a quick match by teaming in up with a random Clash Royale player. If you would like to play with this random player after the match, press, “Play Again” and you can team up with the same player!
  • Likewise, you can choose to “Play with Friend”, which is to team up with a friend you have added and battle against another team
  • After clicking onto “Battle” at the bottom of your screen, you will arrive at a page where there is a chest under your chosen Clash Royale nickname. Click on that and you will see a “Quest” page. This is the page where you can visit often to check on the “Daily Gifts”. You will be collecting Quest Points for Rewards too!
  • Click on the Picture/Graphic above the yellow “Battle” & “Party!” buttons, and you will arrive at a page that shows your trophies milestones and the rewards/chests/cards which you will be able to receive
  • Save your Elixir to deploy multiple cards all at once!

Match Mannerism — If you are teaming up with a random Clash Royale player in Quick Match, support your teammate by placing ranged attackers behind their melee attackers, or vice-versa. Have fun in de-stressing yourself!

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